Quality Assurance Procedures for Taught Courses and Research Awards 2023

List of contents

Quality Assurance Procedures


Quality Assurance Procedures

Section A

Committee structure, terms of reference and responsibilities

Section B


Section C

Guidelines for the validation of major with minor subject courses

Section D

The validation of distance learning proposals

Section E

The validation of Non-credit Bearing courses

Section F

The validation of joint awards

Section G

The validation of Short Courses (Credit Bearing)

Section H

The validation of Apprenticeships

Section I

The validation of Post Graduate Research Provision

Section J

Quality appraisals and Internal quality audits (IQAS)

Section K

Subject Review

Section L

Thematic Review

Section M

Annual Evaluation

Section N

Collaborative Provision

Section O

Articulation arrangements

Section P

External Examiners

Section Q

Criteria for the Selection and Appointment of research Degree External Examiners

Section R

Delivery Research Degrees by Distance Learning (DL)

Section S

PGR Partnership Activities

Procedure approval and ownership

Quality assurance procedures for taught courses and research awards

Quality Assurance Procedures

Our Quality Assurance procedures for Taught Courses and Research Awards are also available within a single MS Word document:

Quality Assurance Procedures for Taught Courses and Research Awards 2023/24