Section L: Annual evaluation


L1. Role and timing

Annual Evaluation is the internal process by which the University critically appraises the operation of courses, ensuring that appropriate standards are maintained.

Evaluation is done annually at course and module level to reflect on the key successes/issues from the last academic session and to identify actions required.

Annual evaluation is undertaken at the end of each academic year and considered by the appropriate Course Committee. Completed reports should be submitted to School Boards for consideration at their first meeting of the following session. A School may establish a sub-committee of the School Board for this purpose, including appropriate student representation.


L2. Contents of annual evaluation reports

Annual Evaluation reports focus on agreed indicators, e.g. external examiners’ comments, course statistics, student evaluation and feedback, responses to reviews and identification of best practice. Reports should contain a brief summary by the course leader including commentary on any issues raised in the previous year’s exercise and actions in the coming year.

Annual Evaluation reports for taught provision should be submitted via the University’s web-based system.


L3. Lines of report from school board

School Boards may refer unresolved problems to the University’s Teaching and Learning Committee/University’s Research Committee and, if necessary, to Senate. It is the Deans’ responsibility to monitor any requirements identified during the evaluation process.