Section E: The validation of courses which do not lead to the award of university credit


E1. Validation of courses

This section relates to the validation of courses (normally short courses) which do not lead to the award of University Credit (i.e. are outside of the CATS framework).


E2. Documentation required for validation

The following is the minimum documentation required for a course to be validated:


Context of the course

  • Introduction and rationale (including institutional policies and plans).
  • Statement on resources (signed by the Dean of the School).
  • Curricula vitae of the course team, and research and staff development activities relevant to the course.
  • A signed resource statement from Computing and Library Services.


Definitive course document

  • Aims and objectives of the course.
  • Regulations for admission, assessment, progression and award.
  • Course structure and rationale, syllabuses and teaching methods.
  • Course management.
  • Full report of the School event and confirmation from the Chair of the School panel that any conditions have been met.


E3. Validation procedures

The validation procedures will normally be in accordance with those specified in sections B3 to B8. In cases where the course is also subject to external validation the procedures may be modified to take account of the requirements of the external body and to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort.


E4. Annual evaluation, minor changes and revalidation

Courses which lie outside the CATS framework will follow the standard University procedures for annual evaluation, the approval of minor changes to courses and the revalidation of courses as specified in sections L, B and G of this handbook.