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Course finder Disclaimer

The University will use all reasonable endeavours to deliver courses in accordance with the description in the course finder.

However, the University does not guarantee or represent that any of the courses or facilities detailed in the course finder are or will be available. The University is accountable for the public funding it receives and accordingly has to review its course provision regularly within the context of delivering a wide range of courses to a large number of students. From time to time such reviews may result in the variation of course content, methods or location of delivery, course mergers, the introduction of new courses and the discontinuance of others.

The University reserves the right to make these and similar changes where it reasonably considers that they are necessary in the context of its wider purpose. If a course is discontinued the University will use its reasonable endeavours to provide a suitable alternative course. The University accepts no liability for the non-availability of teaching, examinations, services or facilities when this is beyond the University’s reasonable control.

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