Why Criminology and Policing

Are you fascinated by how our environment shapes whether we commit crime? Are you interested in exploring what works to reduce or prevent crime? Then a course in Criminology or Policing could be a perfect fit for you. Our courses will provide you with the practical, theoretical, and analytical skills needed to understand the answers to such questions, while giving you a robust foundation if you want to work within the criminal justice system.  

You’ll address some of the most significant criminal justice issues facing policymakers and can gain a deeper understanding of the systems that shape how we work with both victims and offenders across a range of crimes. You’ll explore issues ranging from violent crime and transnational and organised crime networks to policing and criminal justice practices. In addition to exploring the context in which criminality sits, our courses offer a practical focus, addressing the key legal, theoretical, and policy frameworks that shape the delivery of criminal justice outcomes, both in the UK and overseas. 

On most courses in your second year, you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learnt, and further develop the skills you’ve gained in a practical setting with a 30-hour compulsory work experience. You may even have the opportunity to explore this further through studying abroad for a term in your second year.

Our courses

Inspiring teaching  

You’ll be taught by lecturers who are active researchers working across crime, justice, security, and policing. As a result, our teaching is always at the cutting edge of the discipline, so you’ll have the chance to learn from our skills and expert knowledge as you develop your own personal interests. You’ll have the opportunity to develop your own independent research in your final year project, so if you’re passionate about something, we’ll draw out that enthusiasm and help you to flourish. 

You’ll also hear first-hand experiences and viewpoints from guest speakers such as senior police officers, crime analysts, crime scene investigators, drug outreach workers and criminal justice staff to enhance your learning. 

Preparing you for your career

Most of our courses offer you the opportunity to undertake a 30-hour compulsory work experience, helping to give you the essential skills employers are looking for. 

When you graduate, you’ll be well equipped to work in a range of different fields, both within and outside the criminal justice system. You’ll be able to show your future employers that you’ve got the skills and theoretical knowledge required to make a success of your future career. Our previous graduates have gone on to work in wide range of areas, including organisations such as West Yorkshire Police, Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service, UK Home Office and Lotus Sanctuary CIC or gone on to undertake further study. 

We will give you as much support as possible and help you to focus on life after you have graduated to ensure that your hard work pays off and you achieve your ambition. If you choose to study our Professional Policing Degree you’ll be supported in your police application process to explain the skills, knowledge, and competencies you’ve gained whilst studying on this course. 

What our graduates say 

The university ensures it supplies their students with the essential skills needed to gain a successful career, which enabled me to obtain suitable employment in an industry directly linked to my course. The facilities on campus are also very modern and the quality of the lectures and the teaching within the University are second to none. Once a graduate, the university as well as its staff will always be there to provide guidance and support if needed.

Hasan Ali Sajjad, graduated Criminology with Law BSc(Hons) in 2022

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