Before starting a Professional Policing Degree have you checked that you’re eligible to join the Police Service? 

You might not meet all the requirements at this point, however as the Professional Policing Degree lasts for three years, you may have met them by the time you finish the course. For example, some forces require you to have a full driving license, or you might be awaiting the outcome of court proceedings. 

How to find out if you’re eligible to join the Police Service 

There are national standards, as well as local requirements, depending on the police force you wish to join. 

You must look at the recruitment pages on the College of Policing website and government websites. There you'll find eligibility criteria and information on the selection process.  

Don’t forget to look at your local police service website for any additional requirements, or visit Joining the Police.

What are the options if you do the course and then find out you’re not eligible to join the police 

This can happen. If this is the case, then this course is also useful for a range of roles outside of policing, such as roles within: 

  • Investigation 
  • Security 
  • Community-based roles 
  • Supporting vulnerable people  

Depending on the reason you are not eligible, you might be able to join other services, such as the

  •  Security Service 
  • United Kingdom Border Agency,  
  • His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC),  
  • Probation Service,  
  • Prison Service,  
  • Youth Offending Teams, 

to name a few.