The Gait and Performance Clinic enables individuals at all levels of sport and fitness to benefit from cutting-edge sports science testing. Our services are suitable for individuals and teams, from elite athletes to recreational exercisers.

The Sports Science team based here at the University can provide tailored advice and expert support to help you improve performance and achieve your goals. We offer comprehensive assessments and analysis to individuals and teams across all sports. These services are outlined below.

Photograph of a camera filming a person walking on a treadmill

Support for Individuals

This is ideal for anyone involved in sport or exercise who is looking to improve their fitness and performance. From those starting out on their fitness journey, to elite performers with a keen interest in sports science, there is something here for you.


Support for Teams

Our spacious facilities are ideal for running a bespoke battery of tests with your club or team. The application of sports science is key to getting the edge on your opponents and improving performance, let us help you achieve your goals.