The University Council is the principal decision-making body in the University. Its responsibilities are for the determination of the educational character and purpose of the University, for oversight of its activities and to ensure financial solvency. The Council membership is made up of lay (external) members, staff representatives and a Students' Union nominee, and meetings take place on a quarterly basis.

The Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct for Members defines the role of University Council in accordance with the University's Instrument and Articles of Government.‌

The relationship between the Council and its committees is shown in the Committee Structure Chart.‌‌

Committee terms of reference

University Council Committees

  • Audit Committee - to establish and review procedures for auditing the University's activities.
  • Estates and Finance Committee - to advise University Council on the financial strategy, the solvency of the institution and the safeguarding of its assets, and the strategic development of the University's estate.

Joint Senate and Council Committees

Committee membership

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