Research Governance

Research governance is the means by which organisations ensure that the research undertaken is of high scientific and ethical standards. The Business School has an online system for managing research governance, which involves three stages. These include:

  • Preparing to submit a research bid
  • Managing a research project
  • Project closure and beyond

Within this framework, all research bids are reviewed by a panel of internal experts who consider and advise on factors such as quality and ethics. The system also guides the researcher, should their bid be successful, through the management and ultimately closure of the research project. This includes issues such as ethics, health and safety, financial tracking, the dissemination of findings and the storage or destruction of data.  

The Research Governance Framework is a supportive process designed to improve the standard of research. It standardises procedures and ensures that all research is reviewed and monitored by a relevant team of experts.

The Business School follows the University policy and Code of Practice (available at

Training and Induction

All new staff will be introduced to issues surrounding research ethics and integrity at their research induction with the Director of Research. Information about induction sessions can be found on our Training and Induction page.

On-going research ethics and integrity training for staff and for Business School Research Ethics Committee reviewers can be found on our Training and Induction page.

Research Ethics

The main purpose is to scrutinise proposals that come from the School of Business to ensure that they meet ethical standards