Professor John Nicholson

Head of Department of Management

Welcome to the Department of Management, which focuses on organisational leadership, capabilities, performance and well-being in a societal context, embracing developed, emerging and transitional economies.

We offer a vibrant, innovative and supportive learning environment underpinned by our expert staff. This was reflected in our department being recognised as the best in the UK for student satisfaction in Business Management, achieving a 100% rating in the National Student Survey (NSS) in 2014. Our students are given opportunities to grow in confidence and self-awareness and benefit from challenging opportunities to showcase their work to a range of audiences. 

Employability and career enhancement are fundamental to our courses, which are underpinned by strong professional links, experienced staff and real-world application of theory and research. Our students benefit from an extensive programme of guest speakers from a range of organisations, enriching student learning by bringing their expertise and experience into the classroom.

The Strategic Planning Society (SPS), for example, provides guest speakers from organisations as large as British Aerospace and as small as a one person consultancy. Our undergraduate students are also given the opportunity to undertake a 12 month work placement where they can experience real-work environments and further enhance their employability skills.

A number of our graduates have tasted success in their fields, with many progressing to senior positions or establishing innovative new businesses. One of our recent graduates now supports our department, joining the Departmental Advisory Committee (comprised of a range of members from public, private and third sector organisations who work with us to provide students with opportunities to undertake live projects) after winning the prestigious University of Huddersfield Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Award in 2015.

Professional Links

We work closely with a number of professional bodies, including the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the Strategic Planning Society (SPS).

Many of our staff are active members of at least one of these Institutes and two members of the Department hold positions as Huddersfield CIPD Group Chair and CIPD West Yorkshire Branch Chair, in addition to membership of CIPD's national Council. This enables us to offer professionally (CIPD) approved full and part-time courses in Human Resources, CMI-accredited courses in business and management and an opportunity for many of our students to obtain a professional award alongside their University degree. Our innovative Partners in HR scheme was launched in 2016, providing further opportunities for staff and students to actively engage with practitioners from a range of organisations.

We also offer an undergraduate degree in business and supply chain management, supported by 28 leading companies in the UK through the NOVUS trust. This is an excellent opportunity for students to move into guaranteed graduate employment.

Our Research and Subject Groups

The Department is comprised of four subject groups, each with research expertise reflecting the experience and interests of academic staff, all of whom are engaged in both teaching and research.

  1. Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Subject Group 
    Research in this subject group engages with entrepreneurship, small business management and – through sustainability and our Centre for Sustainability, Responsibility, Governance and Ethics (SURGE) - the relationship between business and the environment.  Our research reflects local and global agendas for sustainable food production and consumption and visibility and transparency in relation to religious animal slaughter, immigration and global trade in a post-Brexit Britain 

    We would welcome PhDs in the following areas:
    • Rural Entrepreneurship
    • Sustainable food systems and local food enterprises
    • Enterprise education and enabling entrepreneurship
    • Knowledge management and dynamic capabilities in new ventures and micro organisations
    • Technology entrepreneurship and small business digital skills

    Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Staff List

  2. HR Subject Group
    Our HR-centered research includes theoretical developments linked to talent management, gender, diversity, managing emotions, bullying and learning and development.  We have been awarded an ERASMUS Plus EU research grant on HR in SMEs and are actively involved in the International Association on Workplace Bullying (IAWBH), hosting the IAWBH international summer school in 2017. 

    We are particularly interested in applications to study a PhD in the following areas:
    • HR in SMEs
    • International Business and Management Education
    • Ethics and the HR professional
    • Talent Management, Diversity and Gender
    • Emergency and public services
    • International HR
    • Employee rights and professional ethics

    Human Resources Staff List

  3. Organisation Studies Subject Group
    Research in this subject group builds upon staff interests in the phenomena found in contemporary organisations and institutions, focusing on understanding how organisations operate and their impact on those who work within them. Members are from a range of disciplines including sociology, organisational behaviour, politics and organisational psychology and adopt both mainstream and critical perspectives. 

    There are three underpinning themes for our Organisation Studies research: 

    • Organisation Processes (how organisations function, how knowledge is managed, organisations as communities of practice and gender and diversity).
    • Leadership and non-management (including, for example, power processes, personality and top management team dynamic capabilities, servant leadership, gender and leadership).
    • Careers in contemporary society (changing notions of careers in contemporary society, from inception to older workers).insert here

    Organisation Studies Staff List

  4. Strategy and International Business Subject Group
    Our research focus in this subject group includes international business, transitional economies, emerging markets, strategic decision making, strategy implementation, governance and corporate social responsibility and strategic communications. We are currently engaged in a number of collaborative and funded research projects, including: 

    • The development of business and economic research centre capacity in Palestinian Higher Education Institutes;
    • Industry research into subsea cables;
    • Collaborative research with a leading Indonesian University exploring community involvement in renewable energy products;
    • The development of a global capability framework for public relations (PR) and communications management, in partnership with 6 universities from across the world in addition to the Global Alliance for PR and Communications Management.

    We are particularly interested in applications to study a PhD in the following areas:
    • Strategy and international business in emerging markets
    • Multinational corporations, foreign direct investment and cross cultural negotiations
    • Governance, corporate social responsibility and organisational management teams
    • Strategy, dynamic capabilities and the company life-cycle. 

    Strategy and International Business Staff List

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