Cost of living

Huddersfield is a budget friendly option for being a student. Not only is it one of the friendliest towns, it also offers a low cost of living, including being the second cheapest in the UK for student rent.

High levels of employability

97% of our postgraduate students go on to work and/or further study within fifteen months of graduating*, with an average salary of £36.1K**. 

So, if you want to improve your career prospects – and maximise your earnings in the future – Huddersfield may well be the place for you.

*HESA Graduate Outcomes 2021/22, UK domiciled, other activities excluded.

**HESA Graduate Outcomes 2021/22, UK domiciled, full-time UK employment.

Industry standard facilities

We've invested £157 million in exciting new buildings, top class facilities and support services. Many of our courses benefit from industry standard facilities that aim to mirror as closely as possible the real life working environment. Facilities of this calibre not only help to build your confidence and prepare you for the world of work, but the experience can provide a competitive advantage in the jobs market.

Award winning academics with professional experience

Many of our academic staff at Huddersfield are award winning or have professional experience. They are members of relevant professional bodies and some play a key role in informing government policies.  Not only will you be learning at the very highest level but you also benefit from their contacts and reputation in the professional world, increasing your chances of employment in your chosen field. 

Our staff rank in the top three in England for the proportion who hold doctorates, who have higher degrees, and hold teaching qualifications (HESA 2022).We are first in the country for National Teaching Fellowships, which mark the UK’s best lecturers in Higher Education, winning a total of 22 since 2008 (2023 data).  
The University of Huddersfield is also the only UK University where 100% of the permanent teaching staff are Fellows of the Higher Education Academy.* 

*Permanent staff, after probation: some recently appointed colleagues will only obtain recognition in the months after their arrival in Huddersfield, once they have started teaching.  


World research ratings

We are in the top 50 UK universities for Research Power, and three quarters of all our research is world leading and internationally excellent, especially in Music, Biological Sciences, Archictecture and Built Environment, Social Work and Social Policy, History and Communication and Media Studies (REF 2021)

A student Anna-Maria in the Forensics lab at the University

Good business links

The University’s links to business are an important part of our postgraduate courses in that they help increase the employability of our graduates. Many postgraduate courses are linked to professional accreditations which will give you a head start in achieving full accreditation later on.

Some courses provide opportunities to work directly with a company on a real world problem that is beyond the capabilities of the company’s team. By getting involved and contributing to what can often be a ground breaking solution you will gain unique insights and experience that could help you stand out in the jobs market.

The University has a wide range of links with high calibre, global companies. Contact with these companies can help you develop a broader, global perspective in your own thinking.

In addition, companies often contribute to the content of our courses helping to ensure their real world relevance and enhance your knowledge and employability.

Choice of courses

Our wide range of courses means you can specialise in an area you’ve never studied before or expand your knowledge in an area you studied at degree level. Some of our courses are linked to national or international issues or areas that are projected to grow - leading to increasing demand for qualified, knowledgeable individuals. Choosing a postgraduate course in a growth area can give you a head start in the employment stakes and help ensure a quicker return on investment from your studies.

Variety of teaching methods

Wherever possible our courses combine a variety of teaching and learning methods enabling you to choose a route that’s right for you.


Our alumni are a great example of what you can achieve as a postgraduate. Many have gone on to make an impact in a wide range of industries, organisations and even through starting their own business. We offer a 10% discount on postgraduate taught courses for home alumni of the University of Huddersfield.