Once you’ve sent your form in to UCAS/GTTR you may need to come to an interview or audition, or bring your portfolio in, depending on the course you’ve applied for (you can see if this applies to you from the course listings).  We’ve put together some information for you about these – but don’t worry, when you are invited in you will be given full details of what will happen.

Help us get to know you

The important thing to bear in mind is that your interview or audition is a two way thing.  As well as tutors checking you can handle the course, it is your chance to check us out, to make sure that Huddersfield is the right place for you.  There are no trick questions and we won’t be trying to trip you up. We just want to find out what makes you tick. If you’ve never had an interview, don’t worry, it’s not too formal – it just helps us get to know you and assess your application. The friendly staff in the Student Recruitment Team will be happy to give you guidance on the interview process.

See below for information about interviews by subject area

Art, Design and Architecture

Architecture and the Built Environment, Art and Design and Fashion and Textiles

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Drama courses

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Music and Music Technology

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Social work

Social work BSc(Hons)

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Teaching courses

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