Home students

Full-time Home undergraduate students are eligible to apply for a tuition fee loan to cover their University fees. If a student makes a valid application and is eligible to receive a tuition fee loan, the fee loan gets paid directly to the University on behalf of the student by the Student Loans Company (SLC).

The tuition fee loan is repaid by the student after graduation or when they leave the University. Repayments are made once income is above £25,725 per year and then the amount repaid is 9% of your income above the repayment threshold.

Applicants can apply for a tuition fee loan on the Student Finance England (SFE) website.

EU students

Following the EU Referendum results in June 2016, the UK Government has confirmed that funding entitlements will not change regardless of the forthcoming negotiations between the EU and the UK government.

The UK government has also confirmed that new students who are starting courses in 2019/20 will also be eligible to receive the funding package currently available to EU students until they complete their studies, regardless of any changes to the UK membership of the EU.

For information on how to apply for EU students, please visit 'Student Finance: how to apply' and scroll down to the 'New EU students' section.

Part-time students

Part-time students can also apply for their tuition fee loan through Student Finance England after checking that the intensity of their course is over 25%. Further details for part-time students including a 'Part-time loans guide' can be found on the UK Government website.

Previous study

Your eligibility for funding could be affected by any previous study at University in the UK or overseas. However, from 2017/18, the Government will enable people to retrain in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics by removing the restriction on accessing tuition fee loans for a second degree in these subjects. Your eligibility could also be affected by previous or current residence outside the EU. Please contact Student Finance England directly to check your eligibility.

When do I apply for my tuition fee loan?

You can apply for your tuition fee loan from the end of the February before your course starts. Please ensure you apply by the end of May to ensure you have your finance in place for the start of your course in September. Please note that once you apply to Student Finance England it will usually take between 6 to 8 weeks for your application to be processed.

It is extremely important that you apply for your tuition fee loan as soon as possible as you can only enrol on your course here in September if you can provide us with proof that you have your tuition fee loan in place. Otherwise, you will be required to pay the University at least 25% of your fees.

Application timeline

End of February End of May September End of May
Applications open Apply by this date to ensure funding is in place for the start of your course in September Start course Deadline for applications to SFE

Information for students who are not taking out tuition fee loan

The following payment arrangements are available for students who have NOT taken a tuition fee loan:

Sponsored by an employer

If you are fully sponsored by your employer you must bring a letter from your employer confirming the amount they are paying, this can also be emailed to sfo@hud.ac.uk

If you are being partially sponsored, you will need to either pay your portion of the fee in full, or by setting up a payment arrangement. You can pay your portion in up to four instalments, the first payment being made on the pre-enrolment portal using a credit/debit card and the remaining instalments being taken by recurring card payments or direct debits. Further details and information about setting up a recurring card payment can be found on the Pre-enrolment portal, a link to which will be sent to you once you have accepted your offer of a place at Huddersfield.

You must bring a letter confirming sponsorship from your employer to our Student Finance Office prior to enrolment. This can also be emailed to sfo@hud.ac.uk

Self-financing students

If you are self-financing your studies you will be required to pay 25% of your fee before you enrol and make arrangements for three additional monthly instalments via recurring card payments or direct debits.

Please note that before you complete enrolment and access any University online systems we need to have confirmation that payment of your fees has been arranged.

Student Finance Office

For further information, advice or guidance you can contact us here