Undergraduate scholarships

We currently offer a number of scholarships to eligible students in their first year of study.

Subject funding opportunities

Music Scholarships

We offer a range of scholarships for those studying Music.

Engineering Foundation Year Scholarship - £1,000*

Students studying our Engineering Foundation Year may be eligible to receive a £1,000 scholarship.

Social Work funding

Find out more about the national Social Work bursary offered by the NHS Business Services Authority.

NHS Learning Support Fund

Students studying eligible courses may receive a non-repayable grant of at least £5,000 each year.

Netball scholarships

If you are competing at regional or international level, you could be eligible for one of our netball scholarships.

Other funding opportunities

Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

The DSA can fund some of the costs that may incur as a direct result of a disability during your studies.

Care leaver's support

If you are a care leaver in undergraduate study, you are eligible to access the £2,000 bursary that the University offers.

Financial help for parents in higher education

Student parents may qualify for extra financial help depending on personal circumstances.

Further advice and support


Student Finance Office

For further information, advice or guidance, please contact the Student Finance Office.


Cost of living

Huddersfield is a budget friendly option for being a student. Not only is it one of friendliest towns, it also offers a low cost of living, including being the second cheapest in the UK for student rent.


What our students think

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