Full-time students may be entitled to a maintenance loan (also known as the 'student loan') of up to £9,488 towards living costs such as food, accommodation and travel. If you live away from home during your studies your loan will be a minimum of £4,422 and a maximum of £9,488 based on household income. If you live at home you can borrow between £3,516 and £7,987. The figures on this page refer to 2019/20 year of entry. This loan is provided by the Student Loans Company (SLC) on behalf of the UK Government, through Student Finance England (SFE).

Further financial help for parents in higher education may also be available through the Childcare Grant and Parents' Learning Allowance.

Eligibility criteria

Full-time Home undergraduate students are eligible to apply for a maintenance loan to help fund their living costs.

EU applicants, who have lived in the UK for a minimum of five years prior to the start of their course for purposes other than education, are also eligible to apply for the maintenance loan.

More information on your eligibility for applying for student finance can be found on the on the SFE website.

How do I apply for my loan?

To apply for the maintenance loan you need to create an online account with Student Finance England and complete the application form on their website.

When to apply?

You will need to check on the Student Loan Company and the University and Higher Education websites when to apply for your maintenance loan and for any dates that may affect your student loan application.

How much will I get?

The summary table below gives an indication of what living cost support you will receive per year:

Household incomeLoan amount















How is the student loan paid out?

You will receive a confirmation from the Student Loans Company along with a payment schedule. The loan will be paid in three instalments transferred directly into your bank or building society account starting at the beginning of term.

What about repaying my loan?

One thing to remember is that you will not have to pay anything while you are studying. Tuition fee loan and maintenance loan repayments only start once your annual income is more than £26,575 a year. We have a dedicated page on repaying your student loan where you can find more details about the repayment scheme.


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