"We will place sustainability at the heart of our curriculum, ensuring it is at the centre of our understanding of future global professionals"

The University of Huddersfield is committed to educating our students on the importance of sustainable development. We are committed to enabling our educators to integrate education for sustainable development (ESD) into our teaching. This process is led by the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Teaching & Learning Prof. Jane Owen-Lynch. 

Most full-time undergraduate students are enrolled on to the Global Professional Award, which they are expected to complete alongside their degrees. In live workshops and through self-directed resources, students are taught about the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in workplaces and wider society. They are required to reflect on their current and future engagement with the SDGs, and to consider the impact this can have on themselves and those around them, helping our learners to become truly global professionals.

The annual Teaching and Learning Conference enables peer led workshops to share best practice and enable discussion on methods to incorporate ESD into module design. 

Examples include the School of Applied Sciences (SAS) who have mapped their geosciences courses to the SDGs, and the Huddersfield Business School who have been longstanding advanced signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)

Further details on how the Sustainable Development Goals have been embedded into our Global Professional Award and teaching can be found on our pages where the university has mapped its progress towards delivering the SDGs (see link below)


SDGs Partnership for the goals

The University has embedded the Sustainable Development Goals into its education provision



Huddersfield Business School is an Advanced Signatory with the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), who partner with the United Nations to promote corporate sustainability and social responsibility in management-related academic institutions.


Global Professional Award

The Global Professional Award (GPA) is a three-year programme in which undergraduate students develop key capabilities related to employability, wellbeing, and enterprise. The GPA is accredited to Level 5 with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)