Key facts relating to your enrolment on a taught course at the University of Huddersfield


When you enrol or re-register as a student with us, you are asked to confirm that you agree to follow our regulations, policies and procedures which along with your course details form your student contract with us.

By enrolling or re-registering with us, you are deemed to have accepted our regulations, procedures, policies and the details of your course.

We are committed to supporting you through your studies. To do this we have highlighted below those regulations and policies that you will be expected to follow and are the most likely to affect your studies. It is important for you to become familiar with the information listed below. We review our regulations annually with any changes being highlighted.

If you would like to obtain direct support on any of the information below, you should contact the Students’ Union Advice Centre: or the Student Support team in your school. The University iPoint service can also assist you and refer you to our specialist support services including Wellbeing and Disability Services, International OfficeCareers and Employability and the Student Finance Office.



Penalties may apply to students who fail to reregister during the official reregistration period. If you fail to reregister by the deadlines established, you will lose access to the University IT Systems, including your e-mail account and may also be withdrawn.


Attendance Monitoring

You will get the best out of your course if you engage with and attend your timetabled sessions. Failure to attend classes, without good reason, could result in you being withdrawn from the University. Any behaviour found to be an intentional abuse of the Attendance Monitoring Regulations may result in disciplinary action under the University’s Disciplinary procedures.



The University is a community and how you and staff interact with each other, whether in person or online, can affect our environment and your achievement. We have a community code of conduct which highlights the expectations of you as a student with us and if you breach the code of conduct, you will be subject to disciplinary proceedings which could result in serious penalties being applied.



In order to comply with government guidance around the management of Covid-19, the University may need to apply social distancing and additional hygiene measures to promote the safety of students and staff. If you breach these requirements, you will be subject to disciplinary proceedings which could result in serious penalties being applied.


Fitness to Practise

Your course may be regulated by a professional and statutory body who often place additional requirements on you to ensure that when you complete the course you are suitable to practise in that profession. Your course details will confirm if these additional requirements apply to you. If your behaviour causes concern that you may not to be fit to practise, then you may be withdrawn from the course. 


Global Professional Award (GPA)

At Huddersfield, we offer the Global Professional Award alongside all our undergraduate degrees so that you gain valuable qualities that we know employers are looking for. The Award is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (Level 5) meaning you’ll graduate from the University of Huddersfield with an internationally recognised and respected set of qualities alongside the specialist subject skills and knowledge you gain as part of your degree, which may help to set you apart from other graduates. Find out more on the Global Professional Award webpage.


Tuition Fees and Student Finance

It is very important that you follow the Financial Regulations for students and ensure your fees are paid on time otherwise we may refer your debt to our external debt collectors and you may incur further charges or you may be withdrawn from your course.


Academic Misconduct

We take academic misconduct very seriously and our Taught Students’ Handbook contains our rules on how we expect you to behave when you are being examined or assessed and the consequences if you breach our academic misconduct regulations.


Consideration of Personal Circumstances

We understand that sometimes your performance will be affected by things outside of your control and our regulations contain the procedures you must follow to be considered for an extension or extenuating circumstances claim.


Appealing a Result

We have strict policies and procedures in place to ensure that decisions about student progression, assessment and award are made in a way which is fair and equitable. If you believe the marks or classification you received on a published results date should be reconsidered then you may submit an appeal.



As part of our commitment to you, we recognise that there may be occasions where you may have a valid complaint.


Interruption or withdrawal from your studies

An interruption of or withdrawal from study is the formal procedure which allows you to request a break from your studies in your current academic year or to withdraw completely.


Other Policies and Procedures

In addition to the regulations referred to above, you should familiarise yourself with the following policies, which all apply to your studies at the University:

  1. Data Protection – this sets out how your personal data should be processed by members of the University in order to be compliant with data protection legislation.
  2. Student Privacy Notice – this sets out how the University of Huddersfield processes personal data and who it shares your Information with.
  3. Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy – this document sets out our commitment to the promotion of equality of opportunity at  the University of Huddersfield.
  4. Freedom of Speech and External Speakers Policy – this policy protects your right to express an academic opinion and sets out the rules for speakers coming on to campus.
  5. Health and Safety Policy – sets out how you can ensure you study in a safe and secure manner.
  6. Intellectual Property Policy – sets out who will own the Intellectual Property Rights in your work.
  7. Research Ethics and Integrity Policy – sets out your responsibilities to ensure any research you undertake is carried out in an ethical manner and is properly approved.
  8. Safeguarding Policy – sets out your responsibilities in relation to vulnerable members of the University community.
  9. Whistleblowing Policy – sets out the procedure to follow if you wish to draw attention to any wrongdoing..
  10. Social Media and Communications Policy – sets out your responsibilities when using social media which directly or indirectly represents or refers to the University, its staff, students and partners.
  11. Audio and Video Capture Policy – sets out how we will use our  Hudstream audio and video lecture
  12. Proof Reading Policy – you are advised to read this policy if you are considering using proof-reading services in connection with assessed work.
  13. Credit Control and Debt Management Policy – sets out how we manage any debts owed by students.
  14. Student Protection Plan 2023_24 – sets out a summary of the policies and procedures which we have put in place to ensure the continuity and quality of your study from enrolment to completion of your studies.
  15. Computing Facilities Policy – sets out our expectations when using the University’s computing facilities
  16. IT Security Policy – set outs how we will handle IT Security and what actions we will take if that is breached
  17. Personal Academic Tutoring Policy - This document sets out the expectations of the University for PATs in order to ensure equitable treatment of our students
  18. Policy on Support for Pregnant Students and New Parents – This document sets out how the University will support new parents and pregnant students
  19. Student Mental Health Policy - This document sets out how we intend to support you if you experiencing mental health difficulties.
  20. Student Contract Terms and Conditions- this document sets out the terms and conditions on which we supply services to students.