SECTION 6: Fitness to Study


You should seek impartial advice and support from the Students’ Union Advice Centre if you are unclear or require support on the information listed below.


6.1 Regulation Introduction

6.1.1 This section applies to all students whether you are full-time, part- time, undergraduate or postgraduate.

6.1.2 The term ‘fitness to study’ relates to your ability to participate safely, independently and successfully in academic study and student life generally.

6.1.3 This regulation will only apply to you if you are very ill and/or we have serious concerns about your wellbeing. We will act promptly in these circumstances, as our early intervention may prevent a situation developing into a crisis at a later stage.

6.1.4 We are committed to supporting your wellbeing throughout your studies. We recognise that a positive approach to the management of physical and mental health issues is critical to your learning, academic achievement and your wider student experience.

6.1.5 Unfortunately, there may be occasions when your physical or mental health impacts on your fitness to study because it prevents you from engaging with your studies and/or functioning more widely as a member of the University community. Examples of possible concerns about your fitness to study include:

  • If we believe you pose a risk to your own health, safety or wellbeing and/or that of others; 
  • If your behaviour is (or is at risk of) disrupting the teaching, learning and/or experience of other students; 
  • If your behaviour is (or is at risk of) disrupting the day‐to‐day activities of the University or a placement provider;
  • If you need extra support that falls outside the scope of the services that we can reasonably be expected to offer.


6.2 Interruption due to impaired Fitness to Study

6.2.1 If we have concerns about you, we will try to work with you in a spirit of cooperation to find a solution. If you are unable to engage with us, we may determine that you are unfit to study at present and we could interrupt your registration until you are well enough to return to your studies. In this case, we will make all reasonable efforts to consult with you and explain why we have made this decision.

6.2.2 When you are ready to return to your studies, we will support you to do this. As part of this process, you may be required to provide medical evidence to confirm you are well enough to return and that re-engaging with your studies will not be detrimental to your health. We will usually hold a re-convened Fitness to Study meeting to discuss your return, the support we can offer and our expectations of you. You may also be required to make and attend an appointment with the Student Services team, your PAT and/or the school support team before you will be allowed to re-enrol.


6.3 Withdrawal due to impaired Fitness to Study

6.3.1 In an extreme case, we may withdraw you from your course. In this case, we will make all reasonable efforts to consult with you and explain why we have made this decision; however, there may be circumstances when this is not possible.