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Here you will find direct links to key aspects of your research degree programme.

Examination and assessment

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Research support plan and skills audit Find out more about your research support plan and skills audit, which is a formal requirement of all research degree programmes
Progression monitoring If you are studying at Doctoral level (not PhD by Publication) you must complete progression monitoring assessments. Find out more about this important stage of your programme
Preparing and submitting your thesis Here you will find out more about preparing your thesis submission, what is Turnitin and your final examination 
Virtual viva examination protocol We have provided some guidance to support you if your viva examination is to take place virtually
Recognition of prior learning assessment There may be occasions where an applicant who has previously undertaken research, as a PhD candidate at another institution, may be allowed to transfer and complete the research at the University of Huddersfield.


 If you need more time or things go wrong

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Applying for additional time If you have not completed all of your research or you need time to write-up your work, you may be able to apply for additional time
Taking an interruption to study If you are unable to make progress on your research because of the serious or ongoing nature of your circumstances, you may be able to apply for a period of interruption 
Extensions - progression Find out more about how to apply for a short school extension to either your research support plan or progression monitoring submission
Extensions - after write-up Here you will find out more about how to apply for an extension whilst you are writing-up your thesis or in your final examination phase
Assessment appeals If you are unhappy with the outcome of a progression assessment or a final thesis examination, here you can find out more on how to submit an appeal 
How to complain If you are not satisfied with your University experience or with any of the services we provide, here you can find out more on how you can raise your concerns


Additional useful areas

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PGR Student Charter

This agreement has been jointly written by the University of Huddersfield and Huddersfield Students’ Union to enable good working practice within the Postgraduate Researcher Community.

SkillsForge Here you can book onto our training and development sessions. You can also record your supervision meetings which is a formal requirement of your programme 
Research degree timelines An overview of research degree timelines including important milestones
Research conduct Find out more about research conduct, research integrity and what happens when there is an allegation of research misconduct
Engagement and attendance Here we share how you are expected to engage in your research programme and meet our attendance rules 
Fitness to study Find out more about what is fitness to study and what happens when your physical or mental health prevents you from engaging with your studies and/or functioning more widely as a member of the University community 
Student disciplinary We expect you to follow the University's Code of Conduct. Here you will find out more about how we deal with complaints about student behaviour