Students Graduating this year


Certificates are not currently given out at the award ceremonies held by the University.  

After your award is conferred at a Course Assessment Board (CAB) held in your School, confirmation of your award is then sent to Registry for your certificate and transcript to be produced.  Please note that certificates are not immediately available after you have received your results.


Please read the information below, which provides answers to our most frequently asked questions


When will I receive my certificate?

It is anticipated that for students who receive their results in June, certificates will be issued by the end of August.  For those students who receive their results in July, certificates should be issued by the end of September.  For students who receive their results at other times during the year, the printing and issuing of certificates is approximately 6-8 weeks from the date of award. 


Can I request an early release of my Certificate?

We cannot provide more specific dates than those mentioned above, but please be assured that certificates are printed and issued as soon as it is possible to do so.  For this reason we cannot respond to individual requests for the early release of certificates.   

We do appreciate that you may need proof of your award for acceptance to further study, or a job offer for example, and we will do everything we can to get your official documents to you before any deadline you may have.


Can I have an online/electronic certificate?

The University does not currently offer electronic award documents.


Can I have a confirmation of award letter?

Registry is unable to provide a confirmation of award letter for you if you are awaiting your original certificate and transcript as this is our priority.  Also, we do not provide 'interim' or 'provisional' confirmation documents.   

If you need a confirmation of award letter in addition to your certificate and transcript, you can purchase one only after your official documents have been issued, or you have been informed they are ready for collection.


Can you send scans of my documents to a third party (eg another University, employer, sponsor, etc.)?

Yes we can, but you will need to provide the scans of your documents for us to forward on if we no longer have the originals, as we do not retain copies.  


Which address will my certificate be posted to?

Your certificate will be posted to the home address (not the contact address) that is held on our system.  It is your responsibility to keep your address details up-to-date, especially if you relocate during this period.  You can check and update your details by logging in to MyHud, and clicking on MyDetails.

If you have a UK address as the home address: 

If you already have, or you update your home address to a UK address, your certificate will be sent to you automatically and we will notify you by email when it has been posted.  If the home address is local to the University we may ask you to collect your certificate.

If you have an Overseas address as the home address:

If you have an address outside the UK, you will be contacted by email when your certificate is ready, and given the option to collect it; have someone collect it for you; or have it posted, either to a UK address or an overseas address.  There is a charge to post to an overseas address using a tracked or signed service (depending on the country) which will be explained in the email.  This has become necessary due to the large number of untracked items that have been lost in the postal system.  The benefit of this tracked/signed for service is that it allows you and the University to track items if they are delayed in transit or misplaced, and identify a solution to get the item to you.  Your certificate is not ready if we have not contacted you. 


Can I have my certificate couriered to me?

Registry does not currently use a courier service, but this is an option for the future that we are investigating.


What if I have outstanding course fees?

If you have any outstanding course fees in relation to a completed award, no official documents can be produced.  You will need to contact the Student Finance Office.  Once you have cleared any fee-related debt, you will need to inform us by email at so that we can then produce your documents.


What if I do not receive my certificate?

The University can only consider a certificate lost in the post when six weeks has passed from the date of posting (UK addresses only).  This is why we will notify you by email when your certificate and transcript has been posted, with further instructions in the email on what to do if your certificate does not arrive. 

If your certificate is posted and returned to the University, we will contact you by emailAny returned certificates which are not claimed within one year of the date of original posting will be destroyed for security reasons.

If you have not received a notification of posting email or your certificate after four months from the release of your results, please contact  Any undelivered certificates claimed more than one year after the original was posted will be subject to a replacement fee of £30.


Please see below and visit our dedicated web pages for further information regarding certificate replacement and additional transcripts.


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Ordering official transcripts