Your school’s attendance team will periodically carry out a ‘spot check’ inspection. You will not be warned in advance about this. During this attendance check, the school will compare the student card swipe records against the paper register.

You must attend your lectures in full as these appear on your timetable. If you need to leave the class early, please report to the Student Support Office in your school immediately.

If the attendance team notices that your student card has been swiped in a class but your name is not on the written register, they will contact via your student email (Unimail) and advise you to attend a meeting at the International Office, Student Central, Level 4.​ This is so that we can verify that you are present in Huddersfield and not out of the UK or working when you should be studying. 

A spot-check discrepancy may lead to a withdrawal from your course and your Student visa being curtailed.