Wednesday 14th April

13-00 – 18.15

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The study of Architecture was first formalised in Huddersfield in 1921 and to celebrate that centenary the School of Art, Design and Architecture is organising a symposium that will focus on the possible futures that may be facing architectural education over the next 100 years.

The last century has seen radical changes to what architecture is, both as a discipline and as a profession, particularly through the changes in the constituency of those studying architecture and becoming architects. The future will undoubtedly see even greater transformations and what architecture will become is subject to a great many external forces. Issues of globalisation; impending climate catastrophe; the ethics of social justice; gender and ethnicity within education and the profession; new modes of funding and delivery alongside the implementation of new technologies are all central to how the future might be enacted and this symposium will try to address how some of those themes could be incorporated into future strategies surrounding architectural education.

In organising ‘Architectural Education: The Next 100 Years’, the School has invited four prominent architectural figures, who, along with the Dean of Art, Design and Architecture, are in their own respective ways making a significant contribution to the development of architectural education and will outline some of the opportunities and challenges facing the discipline in the 21st century. Together they represent a broad-spectrum of ideas and opinions on the current status of architectural education today and more importantly they will offer fresh perspectives on the architectural education of tomorrow.


Simon Allford

AHMM, RIBA President-elect

Professor Nic Clear

University of Huddersfield

Dr Harriet Harriss

Pratt School of Architecture, NY

Professor Lesley Lokko

African Futures Institute

Professor Neil Spiller

Editor Architectural Design, Azrieli School of Architecture



Welcome: Professor Tim Thornton (University of Huddesfield)

13:15 Professor Nic Clear (University of Huddersfield)
14:00 Simon Allford (AHMM, RIBA President-elect)
14:45 Dr Harriet Harris (Pratt School of Architecture, NY)
15:30 Discussion (moderator Bea Martin)
16:00 Break
16:15 Professor Neil Spiller (Editor Architectural Design, Azrieli School of Architecture)
17:00 Professor Lesley Lokko (African Futures Institute)
17:45 Discussion (moderator Hazem Ziada)
18:15 End

** Stories from the history of architectural education at the University of Huddersfield will weave through the different speaker slots and sessions, by Carl Meddings and Jon Bush.