Clearing is the time when you can apply for courses that still have places available from 5 July, whether you've already applied to university or not.

A positive step...

Going through Clearing is an opportunity for you to assess and research the options available to you. Thousands of students go through Clearing every year and successfully find a course, so don’t panic as you're not alone. It is worth researching the courses and universities you are interested in beforehand and gaining an understanding of how Clearing works, so you have the best chance of securing a place on your perfect course, if you need to go through Clearing.

You can apply to university through Clearing if you:

  • Wish to apply to university for the first time.
  • Don’t currently hold any offers from universities.
  • Have declined all current offers from universities.
  • Haven't met the grades of conditional or insurance offers.
  • Wish to switch to another university, even if you are holding an unconditional offer.

Got any questions about Clearing?

Our friendly and experienced Student Recruitment Team are here to answer your questions.

How do I enter Clearing?

The way you enter Clearing depends on the situation you're in and we have lots of advice to help you.

What happens on results day?

Find out about results day and what happens next.

Guide to Clearing

Watch our students talk about their experience of applying through Clearing and hear tips from our staff in this video.