Clearing starts in July and continues until mid-October. You can only apply to university through Clearing once you’ve received your exam results. For the majority of students this will be on A Level results day on Thursday 16 August 2018 but if you are studying BTEC or other qualifications this may be sooner.

The way you enter Clearing depends on the situation you're in. Below are common scenarios that you might find yourself in:

I haven't met the conditions of my offers.

You may still be accepted by your firm and/or insurance university, even if you haven’t met all the conditions of your offers. Before doing anything else, check on UCAS Track to see if you still have your place. Emails will be sent out from UCAS and text messages will be sent out from the University of Huddersfield on results day morning to let you know if your place has been confirmed.

I'm not holding any places.

You will automatically be entered into Clearing by UCAS if you have been rejected by your firm and insurance universities. You will then receive a Clearing Number through the UCAS Track Service, which you will need to provide when talking to universities about course places. To find out more visit the UCAS website.

I'm holding my insurance place, but I've changed my mind.

If you have been rejected from your firm choice, but have been accepted by your insurance choice, you can still change your mind. You will need to call your insurance university and ask to be released from the course, at which point, you will then be entered into Clearing by UCAS and will be free to accept a place at another university. However, it is important that you ensure that there is a place for you on your preferred course elsewhere, so shop around first.

I did better than I expected and I want to accept an offer at a different university.

If you have met or exceeded the conditions of your conditional firm offer, you can also still change your mind through the process of adjustment. In this case, you can accept an offer from another university before being released from your firm choice.

Adjustment is a service for students who exceed the conditions of their firm choice. You'll have the opportunity to reconsider where and what to study, without losing your secured place. Adjustment opens on 16 August 2018 and runs until 31 August 2018. You’ll have five calendar days to make your decision, starting from the day your place is confirmed.

There is no 'Adjustment' vacancy list. You're responsible for contacting universities and enquiring as to whether they have vacancies on the course you’re interested in, and if they would accept you on your chosen course. Don’t worry if you register for adjustment by mistake – you just need to take no further action and after five days your original place will remain unchanged.

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