Clearing starts in July and continues until September. You can only apply to university through Clearing once you’ve received your exam results. For the majority of students this will be on Results Day on Thursday 17 August 2023 although for some qualifications this may be sooner.


You can apply to university through Clearing if you: 

  • Wish to apply to university for the first time. 
  • Don’t currently hold any offers from universities.
  • Have declined all current offers from universities. 
  • Haven't met the grades of conditional or insurance offers. 
  • Wish to switch to another university, even if you are holding an unconditional offer. 

How to apply through Clearing

Our clearing hints and tips will help you with Clearing: 

  1. Start before Results Day:  If your exam results are due on 17th August, you can start your Clearing research early.  
  2. Choose your course and check out clearing course availability:  Think about alternative  courses you would like to study and maybe have a few choices. You may have decided to choose another course that wasn’t originally on your UCAS Application form and that’s fine but be prepared to answer questions on why you want to study the course.

  3. Choose your University: Decide which university you would like to study at. Research the universities and make a note of their clearing telephone number and opening hours, including live chat options.

  4. Be prepared before you call the University:

    -Familiarise yourself with your Personal Statement.

    -Know your grades including your GCSE grades i.e., Maths and English if they are needed.

    -Know your UCAS number and personal details, including your email address.

    -Prepare your list of questions: Course structure, course module, facilities that are important to you, accommodation options, wellbeing and disability support, student finance or you may ask about campus visits.

  5. Speak with the university: The universities have dedicated staff to talk through your options and explain how the UCAS application works, so don’t be afraid to ask them anything.   
    Some universities may offer you a course straight away or there may be a follow-up interview or a portfolio, depending on the course. 
  6. Confirm your offer on UCAS. If you are made an offer straight away,  log into your UCAS Hub to formally accept the offer.  If applying to us, you need our institution code which is H60 and course details. 

  7. Visiting the university: You may wish to visit the university again once you have been made an offer. 


Remember, don’t panic and everyone is here to help you. 


Useful clearing resources when searching for course vacancies

Things to consider if you apply for university to start this September

Clearing is also a great opportunity to apply for university to start this September, if you have started to consider your options a little later. Below are common scenarios that you might find yourself in: 


I’m holding my firm place, but I’ve changed my mind

If you have been accepted by your firm choice University (unconditional firm), it’s not too late to change your mind. You can release yourself from your unconditional firm place on UCAS Hub and select ‘Decline my place’ or contact your firm university who can do this on your behalf. However, it is important that there is a place for you on your preferred course elsewhere, so do chat with the university you're interested in first.


I'm holding my insurance place, but I've changed my mind

If you have been rejected from your firm choice, but have been accepted by your insurance choice, you can still change your mind. You can release yourself from your insurance place on UCAS Hub and select ‘Decline my place’ or contact your insurance university who can do this on your behalf, at which point, you will then be entered into Clearing by UCAS and will be free to accept a place at another university. However, it is important that you ensure that there is a place for you on your preferred course elsewhere, so shop around first.


I haven't met the conditions of my offers

You may still be accepted by your firm and/or insurance university, even if you haven’t met all the conditions of your offers. Before doing anything else, check on UCAS Hub to see if you still have your place. Emails will be sent out from UCAS and text messages will be sent out from the University of Huddersfield on Results Day morning to let you know if your place has been confirmed.


I'm not holding any places

You will automatically be entered into Clearing by UCAS if you have been rejected by your firm and insurance universities. You will then receive a Clearing Number through the UCAS Hub Service, which you will need to provide when talking to universities about course places. To find out more visit the UCAS website.


I don’t currently hold an offer and I’m thinking of applying to start uni in September; what do I do next?

If you haven’t applied to any Universities yet, you can apply straight through Clearing. You need to register with UCAS and make an application, but you’ll only be able to add a choice after you’ve submitted it. UCAS will send you a welcome email, with details of how to access UCAS Hub, and your Clearing number. They will also explain the steps you need to follow. Once you have permission from a uni you want to go to, you can add the course in UCAS Hub.


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