Huddersfield Business School combines a broad base of academic excellence and expertise with a focus on pioneering research which makes an impact on society and improves the way we live. 

We have several research centres including the new Sustainable Living Research Centre, which has recently launched the UK’s first Future Mobility Lab to promote the study of sustainable and socially inclusive mobility and connected, shared, and alternatively fuelled transport. Our other centres are The Behavioural Research Centre, The Northern Productivity Hub, and The Centre for Sustainability, Responsibility, Governance and Ethics (SURGE), each of which focus on innovative methods to solve current issues modern businesses face today. 

If you are looking to complete your research degree at Huddersfield Business School our staff conduct cutting-edge research across a number of business and management subjects, including accounting and finance, logistics, operations and hospitality management, people, law, management and organisations, and strategic, marketing and economics. To find out more information about our academic staff, please visit our research portal Pure.

What can I research at Huddersfield Business School?

Business and Management Studies PhD


MSc by Research Degrees at Huddersfield


MA by Research Degrees at Huddersfield


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Doctor of Public Administration (DPA)



How to apply for a research degree

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Business and Management Scholarships

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Research Institutes and Centres


Behaviour Research

The research area of the Behavioural Research Centre (BRC) lies at the intersection of several behavioural science disciplines.


Sustainability, Responsibility, Governance, Ethics

Centre for Sustainability, Responsibility, Governance and Ethics (SURGE)


Northern Productivity Hub

The Northern Productivity Hub (NPH) focuses on aspects of 'Productivity Improvement' across a broad spectrum of research areas.


Centre for Law, Environment and Rights

The Centre for Law, Environment and Rights (CLEAR) engages in research to understand the role of law both locally and around the world.


Biomimetic Societal Futures

The Centre for Biomimetic Societal Futures is a new multi-disciplinary research centre within the University of Huddersfield, and based in Huddersfield Business School.