About the Legal Advice Clinic

The award winning Legal Advice Clinic (LAC) is a student-led project. We offer free assistance to those who otherwise would have no access to legal help or assistance.

Given the latest cuts to legal aid, the Law School is committed to working within the local community to help bridge the ever-increasing gap between those who do not qualify for legal aid and those who cannot afford legal advice themselves.

Working under the supervision of members of staff, law students have the opportunity to get hands-on experience within an environment that encourages an especially ethical approach to legal practice.

Our students are absolutely dedicated to providing the very best service for the local community and are actively involved in the following various schemes we have on-going at the LAC.

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T: (01484) 540524
E: lawclinic@hud.ac.uk

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McKenzie Friend Scheme

In some cases, our students can act as McKenzie friends for litigants in person. A McKenzie friend is somebody who accompanies a litigant in person to a court hearing for the purpose of assisting them in such matters as taking notes, helping to organise the documents, quietly making suggestions and helping clarifying points.

Drop in Sessions

In order to meet the substantial demand, the LAC has established partnerships with local legal professionals whereby solicitors hold weekly free drop in sessions in the LAC with students assisting, on different areas of law.

Law Centre

Our students attend the local law centre each week to provide welfare and benefits advice and tribunal representation.


Since September 2015 students, staff and solicitors have helped 580 members of the public at the Legal Advice Clinic and Kirklees Law Centre. They have together contributed 1,248 hours of their time representing an economic value to the community of over £150,000 (at local county court guideline rates) for the advice and assistance provided.