How do I make my first appointment?

What happens at my first appointment?

  • You will see one of our final year students for a full assessment. Your first appointment may be longer than your subsequent appointments due to this.
  • We will normally ask you for information about your lower limb problem, your medical history, and current medication. All information is stored and used in accordance with the data protection act.
  • Depending on why you are attending, assessments to check your circulation, feeling or foot function will be carried out. We will agree a management plan with you and arrange for treatment to be started.

How much does it cost?

  • There is a £10 appointment fee for each visit. This will cover diagnosis and clinical treatment. Dispensary items and orthoses, where discussed individually, may carry a separate charge. Please note; the appointment fee will increase to £12 from Jan 2018.
  • Payment can be made via chip and pin or cash.

I’ve made an appointment but I am unable to attend

Emergency appointments

  • We aim wherever possible to see you at the next available clinic should any emergencies arise.