The University of Huddersfield is delighted to launch our brand-new Optometry Clinic situated on campus in the Joseph Priestley East Building.

The clinic is staffed by our Optometry Clinic Manger; General Optical Council (GOC) registered external clinical staff; and final year optometry students under the supervision of academic staff, all of whom hold professional qualifications in optometry. 

The Optometry Clinic is open to anyone including children over 6 months old. At your first appointment a full assessment will be completed to identify your specific requirements. Specific optometry clinics are run for Eye Examinations, Contact Lenses, Paediatric and Binocular Vision, Low Vision, Specialist Clinics (for patients requiring extra diagnostic testing) and Dispensing Services.


The Optometry Clinic

We offer a range of clinics including specialist clinics and dispensing services.


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