Headstart Huddersfield is a scheme that offers eligible students, interested in applying to the University of Huddersfield, the opportunity to gain an extra 8 UCAS points.

The scheme has been designed with the intention of providing fairer access for those groups currently facing barriers and therefore underrepresented in Higher Education.

The benefits of Headstart Huddersfield

There are many benefits to the programme for students.

  • Assist students with research, decision making and applications to university.
  • Develop HE-relevant skills including research, self-reflection and writing skills.
  • Formal recognition for students’ work (8 UCAS points recognised by the University of Huddersfield).
  • The University of Huddersfield will guarantee interviews, auditions or offers to all Headstart Huddersfield students who have successfully completed the programme and who meet the published academic and non-academic entry requirements.

How to apply

If you are under 25:

To apply, you and your Tutor Referee must complete and submit the online Headstart registration form by the specified deadline.

Please note: we may contact your Tutor Referee to verify your eligibility. We reserve the right to remove you from the scheme should further checks reveal that you do not meet the eligibility criteria. 

If you are 25 or over:

You must complete and submit the online Headstart registration form by the specified deadline.

Scheme requirements

You must first check your eligibility for the scheme and, if eligible, complete and submit the online registration form.

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Key dates and deadlines

All of the key dates and deadlines for the scheme are outlined here.

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Terms and conditions

Find out about the terms and conditions for this scheme. 

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Eligibility criteria

Check your eligibility for Headstart Huddersfield.

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Register for Headstart

Submit the online form to apply for Headstart Huddersfield. If you are under 25, a Tutor Referee must help you complete and submit the registration form to verify your eligibility.

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Contact details

If you have further questions about Headstart Huddersfield email: schools.liaison@hud.ac.uk or tel: 01484 472282.

We are unable to discuss individual applications to the scheme with anyone other than the applicant with the exception of us contacting a nominated Tutor Reference to confirm eligibility.