Support available from Conciliators


If you are having problems in your school and would like to talk them over with someone independent to your course, you can speak to a conciliator either from your school or from a different school.

There is at least one Student Conciliator based in each School and students are free to approach any one of them for impartial advice and, where necessary, assistance when seeking to informally resolve a complaint.


 Conciliator's Name

 Conciliator's School

 Room Number

 Telephone Number 

 Email Address

 Jo Bishop

 Education & Professional Development 


 01484 25(7270)

 Emi Chiu



 01484 25(6108)

 Hans Hennies

 Applied Sciences


 01484 25(6887)

 Peter Norris

 Arts and Humanities


 01484 25(6327)