Options at the end of your programme

Candidates enrolled on the following programmes may be allowed to apply for additional time to complete their research or a writing-up period:

  • Master’s by Research (MA / MSc (Res) / MEnt).
  • Master in Research (MRes)
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
  • Professional Doctorate (EdD / DBA / DPA)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) / Doctor of Enterprise (EntD)

For the following candidates, we do not allow additional time:

  • If you are asked to write-up for MA / MSc by Research or MPhil as the outcome of a progression monitoring exercise or final thesis examination, you will be given a maximum of 6 months. No further time is allowed.
  • The maximum enrolment for PhD by Publication is 6 months full-time and 12 months part-time. No additional time is allowed to candidates on this route. This is because the bulk of your work will have been completed before you enrol in the form of the publications that you will be submitting for the award.

Further information on each option and how to apply can be found below.