Registry reception & enquiries


Our contact number is 01484 472768. If you would like to speak to someone in person, we are located on Level 9 of the Schwann Building.

Our reception is open Monday - Friday 10.30am-1.00pm and 2.00pm-4.00pm.


Registry is led by Rachel Birds, Director of Registry, and has three teams that specialise in Taught Provision, PGR and Events, and Quality Assurance.

Any enquiries for Rachel Birds should be made using the above number or contact our teams using the details below.

Taught Provision Team


Karen Brough, Assistant Registrar (Taught Provision)

Telephone: 01484 472755   Email:

Senior Registry Officer (Taught Provision)


Katie Engel, Registry Officer (Taught Provision)

Telephone: 01484 472570   Email:

Jillian Myall, Registry Officer (Taught Provision)

Telephone: 01484 472649   Email:

James Brown, Registry Administrator (Taught Provision)

Telephone: 01484 471300   Email:

Patricia Mulcahy, Registry Assistant (Taught Provision)

Telephone: 01484 472256 Email:

Postgraduate Research (PGR) and Events Team


Cathie Raw, Assistant Registrar (PGR and Events)

Telephone: 01484 471313   Email:

Senior Registry Officer (PGR and Events)


Samantha Arrowsmith, Registry Officer (PGR and Events)

Telephone: 01484 472361   Email:

Amanda Westwell, Registry Officer (PGR and Events)

Telephone: 01484 472801   Email:

Lauren Hollingworth, Registry Administrator (PGR and Events)

Telephone: 01484 472753   Email:

Registry Assistant (PGR and Events)


Quality Assurance Team


Jason Smith, Assistant Registrar (Quality Assurance)

Telephone: 01484 472236   Email:

Anna Powell, Senior Registry Officer (Quality Assurance)

Telephone: 01484 471306   Email:

Layla Smith, Senior Registry Officer (Quality Assurance)

Telephone: 01484 472897   Email:

Diane Evans, Registry Officer (Quality Assurance)

Telephone: 01484 472618 Email: 

Shirley Murray, Registry Administrator (Quality Assurance)

Telephone: 01484 472898   Email:

Anne Miller, Registry Assistant (Quality Assurance)

Telephone: 01484 472768 Email: