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About us

Registry is led by Rachel Birds, Director of Registry, and has three teams that specialise in Taught Provision, PGR and Events, and Quality Assurance.

Please contact us using the relevant email address or number provided below, if you are a member of staff please call us via MS Teams.


MS Teams and Drop-in Clinics

If you are a member of staff and have a query for either the Taught Provision team or the Quality Assurance team, we run the following drop in clinics, weekly. Please do join us, we are happy to help!

  • Taught Team Advice Clinic 10am-12pm every Thursday. Please email for the link
  • Quality Assurance Drop in 2pm to 4pm every Wednesday. Click here to join the meeting


Phone us

Call us on 01484 957777 and we will put you through to the most appropriate member of the team for your query.


Meet us

If you would like to speak to someone in person, you can arrange a meeting and come and see us. We are located on Level 9 of the Schwann Building.


Email us

Please email the relevant inbox below with your query and we will be in touch to assist you.

Taught Provision Casework Queries

Academic Misconduct:
Attendance Monitoring:
Extenuating Circumstances:
Fitness to Practise:

Results Appeals:

PGR and Taught Provision Casework Queries

Fitness to Study:
Student Complaints: 
Student Disciplinary:

PGR and Graduation Queries

Please email:  
Please email:

Verification of awards and requests for transcripts and certificates 

Third party Queries (e.g Recruitment Agency or Employer) please see our Verifying Qualifications web page

Former student transcript or certificate queries, please email: 

If your are a current student please contact your School directly so they can help you.

Quality Assurance Queries

Collaborative provision:
External examiners:
Quality assurance and validations:

For all other queries please email and we will direct your email to the most appropriate mailbox or team member.

Taught Provision Team


Fran Hinewright, Assistant Registrar (Taught Provision)

Telephone: 01484 256740  Email:  

Philippa Hill, Senior Registry Officer (Taught Provision)

Telephone: 01484 256743   Email: 

Jillian Myall, Registry Officer (Taught Provision)

Telephone: 01484 256726   Email:

Vacancy, Registry Officer (Taught Provision)

Telephone: TBC  Email: TBC

James Brown, Registry Administrator (Taught Provision)

Telephone: 01484 256738   Email:

Patricia Mulcahy, Registry Assistant (Taught Provision)

Telephone: 01484 256742   Email:

Postgraduate Research (PGR) and Events Team


Cathie Raw, Assistant Registrar (PGR and Events)

Telephone: 01484 256730   Email:

Anju Ramesh, Senior Registry Officer (PGR and Events)

Telephone: 01484 TBC   Email:

Amanda Westwell, Registry Officer (PGR and Events)

Telephone: 01484 256731   Email:

Lauren Hollingworth, Registry Officer (PGR and Events)

Telephone: 01484 256737   Email:

Ruta Adeyemi, Registry Administrator (PGR and Events)

Telephone: 01484 258454   Email:

Vacancy, Registry Assistant (PGR and Events)

Telephone: TBC   Email: TBC

Quality Assurance Team


Jason Smith, Assistant Registrar (Quality Assurance)

Telephone: 01484 256725   Email:

Anna Powell, Senior Registry Officer (Curriculum Management)

Telephone: 01484 256736   Email:

Layla Smith, Senior Registry Officer (Quality Assurance) (Works Tues-Fri)

Telephone: 01484 256732   Email:

Diane Evans, Senior Registry Officer (Quality Assurance)

Telephone: 01484 257862   Email: 

Nikki Steel-Bryan, Registry Officer (Quality Assurance) (Works Wed-Fri)

Telephone: 01484 256735   Email:

Lucy Kewley, Registry Officer (Quality Assurance) (Works Mon-Wed)

Telephone: 01484 258369   Email:

Shirley Murray, Registry Administrator (Quality Assurance)

Telephone: 01484 256734   Email:

Anne Miller, Registry Assistant (Quality Assurance)

Telephone: 01484 256733   Email: