Verifying qualifications

If you wish to verify the authenticity of a certificate and/or transcript awarded by the University, a good quality scan can be emailed to  There is no charge for this service, but we will only provide verification of the certificate/transcript.  No other details relating to the award will be provided. 


If you do not have a copy of the certificate, the following applies:

Verification of awards from 2000 onwards

These verifications are carried out by Qualification Check.  Please visit to register your details, and make an online verification request (charges apply).  Please note this service is not for student use.

Verification of awards prior to 2000 

These verifications are provided by the University.  Please visit the University’s online store  to register your details, and provide the following information:

  • The student’s name (at the time of award)
  • Date of birth
  • Course
  • Qualification
  • Year of award

There is a £10 fee per enquiry, and a 10 working day turnaround time for this service.  However, at busy times and for older awards where an archive search may be required, this may take longer.  We will not provide any information to non-corporate email addresses.  Please note this service is not for student use.

We are unable to release any details relating to students who owe a debt to the University (until the debt has been cleared), and in some instances we may need to contact the former student directly before a verification can be completed.