Letter of Confirmation


A letter of confirmation provides details of your dates of attendance, your award with classification (where applicable), your mode of study and the date that your award was conferred as standard.  It is possible for additional information to be added to this letter if necessary.  

For older awards it may not be possible to provide exact dates of attendance, and for non-degree awards an award date may not be recorded, therefore general dates would be used, eg 'September 1989' or 'the Summer of 1985'.


If you have recently been awarded and are awaiting the issue of your original certificate and transcript, an awards letter may be obtained from your school office, the printing and issuing of award letters is approximately 2 weeks from the date of request.

If you have any outstanding fee-related payments owed to the University in relation to a completed award, no official documents can be produced until this debt is cleared.


To purchase a Letter of Confirmation at a cost of £10 please visit the online store

Following your purchase, your proof of ID should be emailed to awards@hud.ac.uk.  If your name has changed since you were awarded, we will also require proof of your name at the time of award (eg. birth or marriage certificate).

Applications received without proof of identity will not be process and your money will be refunded (less an admic charge). 


Please note that we can only issue documents in the name that you were awarded.