Find a named research project that suits you

We've broken down our research into subjects and themes to help you navigate what research we do best. For research in science, computing, engineering, health, and social science we have named projects you can search and apply for instead of developing a research proposal.  

Alternatively, for arts, humanities, business, management, and education scroll down for a list of our areas of expertise and the best way to design your own research. 



Search our opportunities in chemistry, pharmaceutical, biological and forensic sciences.  


Computing and Engineering

Search our opportunities in computer science, engineering, mechanical and chemical engineering. 


Health and Social Sciences

Search our opportunities in public health, health sciences, nursing, midwifery, social work and policy, politics and international studies, psychology, sociology, criminology, and criminal justice. 

Design your own research project

For arts, humanities, business, management, and education subjects, where we don't have named projects you can apply for, you should find a supervisor that is an expert in the subject you're interested in and develop a research proposal.

Explore our areas of expertise below to ensure it matches your interest. Then search the Huddersfield Research Portal to find a supervisor. We recommend that you discuss your ideas with a potential supervisor before you submit a proposal. 

We want to make the process of applying for a research degree as easy as possible, so we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help you. Take some time to read this before you apply.

Arts and Humanities research areas

Business and Management research areas

Education and Professional Development research areas

How to apply

Details on the application process for postgraduate research

Research Scholarships

A major expansion in research activity across the University means that a number of research scholarships are available