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Regulations for Postgraduate Research Students

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07 May 2021

Approved by:

Graduate Board and University Research Committee

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Graduate Board - 18 May 2021

URC - 08 June 2021

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Assistant Registrar (PGR & Events)

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Director of Registry



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A compliance check has been completed as this is available on request, email registryresearch@hud.ac.uk

Related Policies/Procedures

There are a many regulations/policies/procedures that may impact upon these regulations, in the main these are:

  • Regulations for Awards (Research Degrees) 2021
  • Quality Assurance Procedures for Taught and Research Awards 2021
  • PGR Handbook (online)
  • A list of important student policies can be found in the Regulations for Postgraduate Research Students 2021 – Section 1.16: Important information for all students


Revision history



Revision description/Summary of




01 August 2021

Throughout the regulations

  • Insertion of missing words and small spelling or grammatical changes throughout.
  • Small clarification and formatting changes throughout.
  • Some larger areas of re-wording to address providing additional clarity, which does not impact a regulatory or material change.
  • Some areas of duplication have been deleted.
  • Name change: restriction has been changed to the new definition of precautionary measures throughout.
  • Insertion of hyperlinks.



01 August 2021

Our Student Charter

  • Updated with new SU President’s signature.



01 August 2021

Community Code of Conduct

  • Addition of examples for definitions of bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct as per the OfS statement of expectations.



01 August 2021


  • Updated to include the terms Reporting and Responding Party in accordance with updates made in Section 11: Student Disciplinary.



01 August 2021

Section 1: Important Information

  • Addition of new section ‘Allegations under the Regulations’ for Postgraduate Students and clarity provided on standard of proof.
  • Appeal against administrative withdrawal: added the circumstances whereby PGRs can be administratively withdrawn.
  • Change of name: added when exceptionally the University will accept a certificate name change different to that recorded.


3.0  01 August 2020 

Section 2: International Student Information

  • University requirements: as students have been exceptionally permitted to engage in remote study (whilst on a student visa), this has been updated to allow for this as it may be extended into 2021/22.
  • Students on a standard visitor or short-term study visas: updated to reflect changes to short-term study visas and standard visitor visas.
  • The graduate route: details added relating to this new scheme.
3.0  01 August 2021

Section 3: Student Finance

  • Payment of tuition fees: added requirements for courses starting in April.
  • Withdrawal due to non-payment appeal procedure: more clearly outlined the appeal process.
3.0  01 August 2021 

Section 4 – Engagement and Attendance

  • Insertion that PGRs must re-register after an interruption (if re-registration has been missed) or be at risk of being withdrawn.
3.0  01 August 2020 

Section 5: Interruptions and Withdrawals

  • Removal of ‘grounds for an interruption’, as this will now only be included in the procedure.
  • Clarity given on maximum lengths of interruption applying across the full period of registration
  • Clarification of who would approve an interruption beyond the standard maximum, and in what circumstances.
  • Addition to withdrawal information that PGRs will lose access to emails upon withdrawing.
  • Addition of guidance on transferring to another institution, moved from award regulations and updated.
3.0  01 August 2021

Section 6 – Progression Extensions

  • Appropriate grounds for progression extensions have been removed and moved into the procedure.
3.0  01 August 2021 

Section 7 – End Extensions

  • Appropriate grounds for end extensions have been removed and moved into the procedure.
3.0  01 August 2021 

Section 9 – Research Conduct

  • Clarified that a stage 1 investigation can be undertaken by a supervisor
3.0 01 August 2021

Section 10 – Fitness to Study

  • Added section regarding evidence may be required to return to study and/or a meeting arrange with an appropriate member of staff.
3.0 01 August 2021

Section 11: Student Disciplinary

  • Addition of reporting party, responding party and witness information.
  • Addition of alternative reporting tools as per the OfS’ recommendation.
  • Addition of classification of misconduct levels.
  • Clarity provided regarding the timeline of the procedure and evidence which can be submitted by the reporting party as part of the investigation.