The National Health Innovation Campus is a transformative project for the people of the region. It will improve health outcomes and lead innovation in healthcare for the North of England.

It is based on the University of Huddersfield’s outstanding track-record in professional courses and pioneering research, and its wide network of partnerships with leading health and care organisations, led through a new Health and Wellbeing Academy.

Why the project is needed

Today Yorkshire and the Humber have some of the worst figures in the English regions with regard to the health of its population.

The campus will feature

Health and Wellbeing Academy, World leading research facilities, Specialist clinical teaching facilities, Public facing facilities

Workforce transformation for health and social care

The campus will enable the rapid expansion of courses in nursing, midwifery, allied health and human sciences.

Health Education England indicated there were 43,600 nursing vacancies in England in 2019, and the UK government has introduced ‘Bursary 2’, offering at least £5k to all nursing and allied health trainees.

The Topol Review (2019) and NHS People Plan (Spring 2020) align with the outstanding track-record and particular research expertise of Huddersfield and its partners in Calderdale and Huddersfield and elsewhere in fields such as digital delivery, simulation, and the development of apprenticeship provision. This means the University is uniquely placed to take a leading role in the expansion and enhancement of the NHS and social care workforce across the north of England and beyond.

The University’s provision in fields such as nursing, midwifery, and allied health has already grown by 60% in the past five years, and the new facility will enable a further 60% growth in the next five years.

Huddersfield is the largest provider of apprenticeships in nursing and allied health in Yorkshire and the Humber, and it is also one of only two universities (and the only one in Y&H) contracted to deliver the new distance learning nursing degree being instituted by Health Education England from 2021.

The campus will create the largest, most dynamic centre for workforce development in the North of England.

Enhanced health, wellbeing and social inclusion

Enhanced health, wellbeing and social inclusion outcomes for Yorkshire and the North.

Stronger Partnership working

The campus will facilitate partnership and co-creation between the University and existing and new partners in health, care, and beyond

Health and wellbeing innovation

The campus will enable world-leading research and innovation, and their transfer into professional practice and industry.

Regeneration, inward investment, jobs and growth

Health, medical technologies and associated services provide a key focus for economic development, and the Campus will deliver a major boost to regeneration and jobs.

Growth in the School of Human & Health Sciences has already delivered over 200 additional skilled jobs in the past four years, and planned development will deliver at least 100 more in the next five. Further, a growing international profile will see a huge expansion in training and education work, quadrupling activity on the levels of 2018-19 by 2026 with major implications for inward investment.

The Campus will facilitate additional commercial benefits through the colocation of services and facilities, adding capacity to local health, care and support systems across Kirklees. Potential opportunities include:

  • provision of dedicated mental health support
  • bespoke clinics for skin
  • physiotherapy
  • podiatry and other elements of care
  • wider triage in the form of advisory services

Working with a range of stakeholders across the public, private and voluntary sectors will open up a diversity of income streams as well as opportunities for product and service development and design.

The Campus will be a focus for skilled jobs growth in and around Huddersfield, and for inward investment to the region.