University of Huddersfield graduate Daniel Kelly has launched a major national campaign to help young people open up about life-threatening allergies.

The ‘Break the Stigma’ campaign builds upon Daniel’s groundwork in his May Contain allergy awareness and lifestyle platform, which was inspired by the final year project of his Graphic Design degree.

Daniel has had a severe nut allergy since he was five years old, and when he came to his project he decided to use it in a highly-innovative way. He created a fashion magazine that took the EpiPen – a device that injects adrenaline – out of the usual medical context, and made it more relatable to young people in fashion-related photos.

The Break the Stigma campaign launch video clip

After graduating in 2015, Daniel has worked for high-profile clients include Vogue magazine and Sony PlayStation but has expanded his project idea himself to take May Contain online. His blog is one of the most popular allergy blogs in the UK, and his podcast has seen him interview well-known allergy sufferers including Olympic swimming champion Mark Foster.

“The idea for May Contain first came to me at Huddersfield – it was where I really found my passion,” says Daniel. “The concept was born at university, and now it has come on in leaps and bounds.

“I have lived with a severe nut allergy since the age of five, I understand first-hand how getting diagnosed with an allergy can change your life. It can be really scary speaking up about your allergy when you meet new people and friends, but over time I now feel much more confident speaking up about it in restaurants.”

The May Contain Break the Stigma campaign empowers young people to speak up about their allergies and feel confident addressing them throughout their lives. The campaign features inspiring allergy advocates including Love Island star Jack Fowler, who was hospitalised by an anaphylaxis shock in October 2018.


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