Frank To

Fine Art graduate

Alumnus Frank To has been appointed UK official artist ambassador for IM Swedish Development Partner and will be creating artwork to raise funds in aid of war-torn communities

UNIVERSITY of Huddersfield art graduate Frank To is set to put ‘A Good Humanium Metal Pen’ to paper to create artwork to support the recovery of war-torn communities.

Swedish sustainable and social impact start-up Agood Company has launched the world’s first pen made from upcycled illegal firearms in partnership with IM Swedish Development Partner to which To has been appointed UK official artist ambassador.

The social activist and artist for peace has been commissioned by IM Swedish Development Partner to create a new paint colour using Humanium Metal powder and to use the pen – of which there are only 500 in the world – to create artwork to be sold to raise funds for projects supporting survivors and violence-prevention programmes.

Humanium Metal is a special element made from upcycled illegal firearms.

Frank To artist Frank To will be using the pen to create artwork that will be sold to raise funds for projects supporting survivors and violence-prevention programmes.

Commenting on To’s appointment, Simon Marke Gran, Global Project Manager Humanium Metal by IM, said: “We are delighted that Frank To, through his art, is focusing the public’s eyes on our mutual message of peace.

“Just like Humanium Metal by IM, Frank To turns destructive elements into symbols for peaceful development, inspiring people to join hands to find a solution to one of the world’s greatest problems: armed violence.

“Humanium Metal by IM was initiated in the spirit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16 in Agenda 2030, recognizing how illegal firearms are undermining sustainable and democratic development. We hope that Frank To is one of the first of many artists to join our cause as advocates for peace and non-violence.”

A committed pacifist, the artist has long been interested in creating works of art from materials traditionally associated with violence to promote a humanitarian message.

He has previously collaborated with Swedish watch manufacturer TRIWA and IM Swedish Development Partner on a limited edition of watches made from Humanium Metal.

“I’ve been creating artworks with gunpowder and copper for some time now and this latest brand alignment with A Good Humanium Metal Pen fits well with my social activism,” he said.

“I have always been heavily involved in social activism as I am a supporter of the Free Tibet movement, Me Too Movement and the Hong Kong protests. I am anti-gun violence and anti-arms dealing and so this latest brand alignment sits perfectly with my beliefs.

“It also seems particularly relevant to me as a Scot to be producing these artworks in Scotland in support of communities that have suffered from gun violence as we approach next year’s 25th anniversary of the Dunblane massacre.”

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