When is it?

Wednesday 15 February 2023.
International Kitchen and OA 4/01 & 02

Sponsored by the International Office, this festival has evolved to be one of the biggest and most anticipated events on campus each year. Hosted by the University's global student societies, the festival showcases the very best global cultures and cuisines. The event takes twice every academic year, in term one and term two. 

Students host their own tables of food from around the world and also perform on stage with songs, dance, games, fashion and instruments. It is a great way to represent your countries and cultures and make friends along the way. 

How to get involved?

If you play an instrument or have something you can bring over from your own country that you can perform at the festival then let us know. 

Please message the Global Campus Events team with your ideas, suggestions and to book your place at campusevents@hud.ac.uk

Global Food and Culture Festival

The University's global student societies hosted one of the biggest events on campus. The event celebrates bringing people together sharing friendships, experiences, cultures and fun.