Information available from the University’s website is free to access in that format.

The University will not normally make any charges where the costs of responding to a Freedom of Information request is less than £5.

For requests up to £450 (equivalent to staff time of 18 hours at £25 per hour) the University will only charge for disbursements such as photocopying, stationery and postage.

If the cost of responding to a Freedom of Information request exceeds the government ceiling of £450, the University need not comply. In such cases we will discuss with the applicant whether the request can be modified to reduce the cost.

If it is proposed to charge a fee, the University will issue a fees notice to the applicant stating the estimated fee. When a fees notice is issued, the applicant has 3 months to pay. If no payment is received within that time, the University is not obliged to respond to the request.

For full details please see our Fees Notice.