Help to Grow: Management is a government-backed, practical 12-week management programme designed to support senior managers of small and medium-sized businesses to boost their business performance, resilience, and long-term growth.

Help to Grow is 90% funded by the government - the full cost is £7500 so you only pay £750.


Features and benefits of the programme:

  • Get support with developing a custom growth action plan for your business.
  • 10 hours of one-to-one support from an experienced business mentor.
  • Access to a business network where you can learn from peers and connect with other local business leaders.
  • In-depth training developed by businesses and course experts.
  • Practical management training where you will learn how to: review systems and processes to work smarter, analyse financial information and ratios, communicate your business’s purpose and values, adopt new digital technology, and build good leadership and management practices.

An overview of the Help to Grow Management programme including course content, delivery and benefits to your business. 

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Businesses from the first Help to Grow Management cohort share the benefits of joining the course and the impact this has had on their businesses.

David Heathcote from Innerva

"It's been great to work alongside other businesses because they all have a different experience, whether they're a start-up or an experienced company, we all learn from each other and that's been a great way to actually absorb the content of the course."

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Jack Dixon from Towndoor Ltd

"I would describe the Help to Grow Management programme as a programme designed to help people like me grow or develop in their business in a way that can develop a friendly more dynamic culture."

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Ali Gordon, Founder of Eat Out Round About

"One thing that's made a real impact is my mentor who has years of experience in online memberships, and as we are currently creating an online membership this has allowed me to tap into her expertise and save a huge amount of time."

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Businesses who have joined the first cohort of Help to Grow Management Businesses who have completed the first cohort of our Help to Grow Management programme

Small Business Charter

Accredited Help to Grow: Management Course Delivery Partner

Huddersfield Business School has been accredited by the Small Business Charter, an award which recognises the high quality, tailored guidance we provide to support small businesses and the local economy. The Help to Grow: Management Course is delivered in partnership with Small Business Charter.