Support for your business

We aim to provide work-ready and employable graduates.

The Business Partnership Team work alongside Santander to provide funding for SMEs who want to employ students and graduates from the University of Huddersfield for a fixed term.

The scheme is useful if you need take strain off your business, would like a project completing, or if you are experiencing a particularly busy period. Funded internships are the perfect way to recruit skilled workers with minimal risk to your business, whilst also gaining financial support.

Internships for current students

This programme is aimed at businesses who wish to employ a student currently studying at the University of Huddersfield:

  • Internship length: 4 weeks
  • Students are paid: £300 a week
  • Funding provided: £600 towards the internship

Internships for graduates

This programme is aimed at businesses who wish to employ a recent graduate of the University of Huddersfield:

  • Internship length: 10 weeks
  • Graduates are paid: £300 a week
  • Funding provided: £1500 towards the internship

Our internships are advertised to a group of engaged students graduates who have all previously expressed an interest in the scheme - ensuring that you receive suitable high quality and motivated candidates. 

More information

For more information or if you are interested in a funded internship please contact Cerys Jones on  +44 (0)1484 473884 or email