Discover Programme

Enjoy subject-specific lectures or workshops in your school or college for Year 12 / Year 1 college students, delivered by academics who teach at the University and designed to both complement the curriculum and introduce new subject areas.

To book or find out more about 2017-18 lectures and workshops please email

Discover: Lectures and workshops

The origins of life - how Chemistry became Biology

This talk explores the ways that fundamental building blocks could have formed naturally and how they came together to form life

Careers from Chemistry

This interactive talk will describe the wealth of careers open to students of chemistry

Drugs from natural sources and nature’s medicines

This talk will look at some well-known pharmaceutical molecules and the history of their discovery, use and abuse

Murder,war,terror and spontaneous human combustion

In this talk, several chemical aspects of interest to forensic science will be discussed

Phosphorus - an element of surprise

This talk discovers phosphorus, which was first isolated nearly 400 years ago from human urine

An introduction to Forensic Anthropology

This talk describes the role of the Forensic Anthropologist in a criminal investigation

Gut skin brain axis

How your gut health impacts on skin conditions and brain behaviour

Pursuing a career in forensic science

This talk demonstrates how different forensic scientists can all work on one case