Teacher and adviser events

Explore the range of health professions and social care courses available to your students, see the facilities and network with our course academics.

We offer an event designed for teachers and advisors which provides the opportunity to find out about the range of health professions and social care courses offered at the University, explore the specialised facilities, as well as network with the course academics.

Contact Liz Greenough for more information.

Discover Programme

The Discover Programme is a range of inspiring one hour lectures/ workshops delivered by our subject specialists. They are designed to explore a topic in greater depth or discover a new subject.

What to expect:

  • Activity for school groups/classes
  • Takes place in school/college
  • Aimed at Year 12 students

Please see below the range of lectures and workshops we offer within health professions and social care.

To book your lecture/ workshop email discoverprogramme@hud.ac.uk 

Discover: Lectures and workshops

Health Professionals Courses

From nursing to physiotherapy and podiatry to operating department practice.


Explore the profession of physiotherapy.

Operating Department Practice

Explore the role of the Operating Department Practitoner in the care of a surgical patient.

What is Podiatry?

Gain an insight into the exciting professional career choice of podiatry and explore the role of a podiatrist. 

Occupational Therapy

Explore the role of an occupational therapist and the career opportunities available.

What is a Learning Disability Nurse?

Explore how Learning Disability Nurses (LDNs) influence the health and lives of people with learning disabilities.

An introduction to Adult Nursing

Explore the role of an adult nurse and the career opportunities available. 

What is Mental Health Nursing?

This session will explore what it is like to be a mental health nurse.

The life of a student midwife

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work alongside women during one of their most exciting journeys? 

Children's Nursing - Making a difference

This is an insight into the role of a children’s nurse.

The Multiple Dimensions of Health and Social Care

The session will offer an insight into the numerous careers opportunities the BSc Hons/ MSci in Health and Social Care can lead to.

What is social work?

Students will explore what it is like to be a social worker.