Main Examinations May 2019

Examinations will take place from 07 May to 24 May 2019

Email notification of individual timetables will be sent to students on Monday 11 March 2019. The full schedule will be uploaded to this webpage at the same time.

Timetable unavailable - please check your emailed timetable.  The timetable will be updated shortly.

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Resit Examinations July 2019

Examinations will take place from 01 July to 05 July 2019


Claims for Extenuating Circumstances Based on Religious Observances 

If you are claiming ECs for a religious holiday which is recognised by the University, you will need to complete the Religious Observance Notification Form and submit it to your School office, no later than 5 working days before the assessment deadline which is being missed.


Additional Information about Exams and periods of religious fasting

The University’s exams periods may, from time to time, coincide with periods of religious fasting. The academic calendar cannot be amended to avoid these periods; however, the University understands that religious observances involving fasting may impact your performance in exams.

The University’s ‘fit to sit policy’ means that by attending your examination, you are declaring yourself fit to take that assessment and any subsequent claim for an EC is unlikely to be approved. If you feel your performance in an examination is likely to be impacted by fasting and you choose not to attend the examination, you should submit a claim for ECs where you can request to sit the exam in the next scheduled examination period (e.g. in the July resit period for exams scheduled in May).


Fit to Sit Policy

The University operates a 'Fit to Sit Policy' for examinations - this means that by attending your examination, you are declaring yourself fit to take that assessment and any subsequent claim for an EC is unlikely to be approved.

If you fall ill within the examination then you must make an invigilator aware of this and obtain evidence at the earliest opportunity to confirm you could not have continued with the examination. You must also complete a claim for an EC including the medical evidence you have gathered.  

Please also read:

Important Information for Exam Candidates

Regulations relating to examinations can be found in the Students' Handbook of Regulations

*Note that a small number of courses organise their exams outside this period. If you are not sure, please check with your department.

Additional Requirements and Arrangements for Examinations

If you have been recommended for additional requirements and arrangements in your exams then you will be contacted directly by your School/Departmental Office. Additional time and support can only be provided if you attend at the venue advised to you personally by your School/Departmental Office. If you attend at the main exam room you will not be able to receive extra time.

If you require exam adjustments due to a serious and long term disability, health condition or mental health issue and Disability Services are not already aware of this, please ensure you make contact with Disability Services as soon as possible and provide them with evidence of your disability or condition. You can contact Disability Services on or ring on +44 (0)1484 472 227. If you do not contact Disability Services promptly, the University will not be able to make any adjustments to your exam(s).