As a student progresses through their programme, it is normal for their research focus to develop and refine. This may result in a minor change to the research questions or proposed thesis title. Small scale changes such as this to do not require approval, but students are advised to notify any changes of their thesis title to their School PGR Admin Team so that they can ensure records are kept up to date.

There may be occasions where a major change of the research area is required. This may be due to the focus of the research changing significantly, a change in supervision arrangements or the (un)availability of some specialist equipment, and results in a significant proportion of the research completed thus far not being of direct relevance to the new topic.

Any changes should be discussed and agreed between the student and supervisors. Consideration should also be given as to whether the student will be able to complete the work required within their remaining period of study, or if additional time needs to be requested to accommodate the change. Once these details have been discussed, an Application for major change in research area should be completed and submitted to the School PGR Admin Team, for approval by the Director of Graduate Education.

International students are required to discuss their change in research and any required additional time with the International Office prior to submitting their form for approval, as it may have visa implications or require a new ATAS certificate to be issued.

Funded students should also discuss the project’s changes and any extra time with their sponsor to ensure that it still complies with the regulations of their funding and to identify whether their bursary will continue to be paid and/or it will be extended in line with any additional time provided.