Help with submitting a claim

You should seek impartial advice and support from the Students’ Union Advice Centre if you wish to submit a claim or an appeal.

SECTION 8: Extenuating Circumstances (EC)



We recognise that some circumstances, like illness or bereavement, may have an impact on your performance in a module or assessment or your ability to meet a deadline.  If you are worried that your circumstances could affect your assessments, you should tell us as soon as possible, rather than waiting for your results. 


You should use this procedure to tell us about your difficulties and, if we consider your claim to be valid, the Course Assessment Board will take this into account when looking at your results.


This procedure may be right for you if you can provide independent evidence confirming that your circumstances:


  • Happened at the time of the assessment, including where this was due to an ongoing chronic condition.
  • Were unforeseeable and you could not have prevented them.
  • Had a significant impact on your ability to study or to undertake an assessment.


This procedure may not be right for you if:


  • You wish to complain about the supervision you received during the academic year.
  • You wish to complain about your general learning experience (including the feedback you received).
  • You wish to question an informal mark given to you during the academic year. You should follow the procedure for requesting a re-mark set out at:
  • You need an extension to an assessment submission date to deal with a short term condition. If this is the case, please access the Extension System on MyHud using the Extensions tab.

If your marks have been published through the MyResults page on a formal publication date and you believe your performance was adversely affected by extenuating circumstances, you should make a Results Appeal within 10 days using the following procedure:


Support Information

You may experience challenging personal or health-related circumstances at any time during your studies and we offer a range of support services to help you deal with them. You can find a list of the services we offer at this link – Wellbeing and Disability Services.


Where you experience long-standing conditions and/or circumstances that impact your studies you should make full use of the advice and support available from the Student Wellbeing and/or Disability Services.  If you disclose your circumstances to us, we may be able to make reasonable adjustments to support your studies via a Personal Learning Support Plan.


Where your circumstances cannot be resolved quickly or the support you need is beyond what our support services can reasonably provide, you may need to consider interrupting your studies. You should read Section 5 on Interrupting Your Studies and discuss this with the Students’ Union Advice Centre before making that decision. 


Stages of the EC Procedure

There are two stages to the procedure:


  • Stage 1 – Making a claim for ECs.
  • Stage 2 – Appealing a decision made in response to an EC Claim.