Thinking about withdrawing?

We would advise you to seek impartial advice and support from the Students’ Union Advice Centre, if you wish to interrupt or withdraw from your studies.

SECTION 5: Interrupting or Withdrawing from Studies



This procedure may be right for you, if you are considering interrupting, withdrawing or transferring from your studies here at the University of Huddersfield. This information is designed to help you decide what to do in these circumstances.
If you are studying with us on a Tier 4 visa and you withdraw from your course, you will be required to leave the UK. If you decide to interrupt your studies, you will be required to leave the UK during the period of interruption. You should discuss your circumstances with the International Office before making a decision to interrupt your studies.


Interruption of Study

An interruption of study is the formal procedure which allows you to request a break from your studies in your current academic year.

It may be appropriate for you to interrupt your studies for a period of time due to personal circumstances. If you need to take time away from your studies for personal reasons, we will normally suspend your fee liability and temporarily pause our consideration of your results and academic progress. You will normally be required to return to study at the beginning of the following academic stage and you will complete the full academic year again.

During an approved interruption of study, you will be able to access advice and support from Student Services, Students’ Union Advice Centre, the International Office and other support services based in your school.

During an approved interruption of study, you should not formally engage with your course, attend classes, submit work for assessments, attend examinations, engage with any research, write up your dissertation or project. If you interrupt your studies, your registration with us will be temporarily suspended and all relevant authorities (where known) will be informed. It is your responsibility to ensure that any sponsor or legal requirements are complied with before, during and after an interruption of study.

Examples of where an interruption of study may be appropriate include, but are not limited to:

  • Pregnancy or new parenthood, where this cannot be otherwise managed through the University’s pregnant student policy;
  • Medical or health reasons;
  • Bereavement;
  • Work;
  • Family commitments;
  • Financial commitments.


Withdrawal from Studies

If your circumstances significantly impact your ability to continue studying on your current course, then it may be appropriate for you to withdraw from your course. This might be because you cannot commit to return in the following academic year or you have decided that studying is no longer right for you at this time. Withdrawing from your studies means you will be leaving your course completely, with no intention of returning in the following academic year.

If you withdraw, you will normally be entitled to have any credit you have passed before you withdrew. Where your total credit achieved meets the requirements for an interim award, you will be awarded this at the next available Course Assessment Board.

When you have withdrawn, you will no longer be considered a student and you will not be permitted to return to your course at a later date. If you decide you would like to study with us again, you will need to complete the admissions process.



Transferring means you are considering moving to another University. You may wish to take credit you have gained with us to another University or you may wish to transfer elsewhere to begin a new course.

Changing university can be a big decision, which you should consider carefully. You should refer to the procedure associated to Transferring to help you consider all of your options.

Having considered your options, if transferring to another University is the right decision for you, you will need to apply to your chosen University and follow their admissions procedures. We are unable to complete any applications for you or advise on the procedures of another institution.

If you decide to transfer out of the University of Huddersfield then you will normally be entitled to any credit you have passed before you transferred. Where your total credit achieved meets the requirements for an interim award, you will be awarded this at the next available Course Assessment Board. If you are eligible for an interim award, you may be able to use this to transfer into a higher level of a degree programme, as part of the Accreditation of Prior Learning process. Please note that this is not always possible and you should check with the specific institution upon your application.

If you are an international student you should discuss any move with International Office as your UK visa is based on where you are studying and they can guide you through the process.